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Rediscovered Gems March 18, 2009

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Right now I’m taking a graduate course in children’s literature, so I’m getting to read some older books, which can be quite a luxury!  Here are a few I’ve recently discovered.

Berkeley Breathed’s Flawed Dogs

(Little, Brown & Co., hardcover, $18.95)

This picture book, designed as a mock “catalogue of the Piddleton Dog Pound’s Very Available Leftovers” features illustrations of bizarre and strange-looking dogs of all varieties.  These dogs are supposedly residents at the Last Chance Dog Pound, and each wound up there due to their quirky appearances.  Each image is accompanied by a poem (“Bipsie was bought to replace / The dearly departed Sweetface. / A beauty in blues / With some parts chartreuse / She clashed with the whole bloody place.” (Grades 3-6)

Buy Flawed Dogs from your local independent bookstore.

The Arrival by Shaun Tan

(Arthur A. Levine Books, hardcover, $19.99)

In a truly unique way, Tan tells the story of a man who leaves his family and travels to a foreign place. Told only in black, white, and sepia toned illustrations, this book puts the reader into the shoes of this man as we see his new experiences.  (Grades 5 & up)

Buy The Arrival from your local independent bookstore.


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