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New Books! March 23, 2009

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Just unpacked two great books:

A Rat’s Tale

by Tor Seidler, pictures by Fred Marcellino

(Farrar Straus Giroux, paperback, $9.95)

Buy A Rat’s Tale from your local independent bookstore!

This was one of my favorite books from childhood. Originally published in 1986, A Rat’s Tale is a modern classic along the lines of Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little. This beautifully updated paperback edition will help this charming story make it into the hands of a new generation of readers.


by David McPhail

(Roaring Brook Press, hardcover, $16.95)

Buy No! from your local independent bookstore!

This breathtaking picture book stuns me.  It is the nearly-wordless story of a small boy who sets out to mail a letter to the President.  As he walks to the mailbox, fighter jets fly overhead.  A bomb explodes. Tanks roll in. Soldiers march by. McPhail’s depiction of war and bullying is beautifully executed.


3 Responses to “New Books!”

  1. The one thing I wondered was whether the complete transformation which resulted from saying “No” would prove confusing to a child in a real world setting.

    • Good thought. Could it be a way of saying that it’s important to stand up for yourself? To take action? Though I sure wish just saying no would fix everything in the world!

      • I think it is, but it’s also important for children to feel that the importance of doing so isn’t dependent on achieving world transforming success thereby.

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