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New Books: 6/16 June 16, 2009

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Along for the Ride

by Sarah Dessen

(Viking, hardcover, $19.99)

Ages 12+

Sarah Dessen is one of my all-time favorite YA writers. Her newest book totally delivers, and whether you’re a hardcore Dessen fan or a new reader, you’ll love this well-written summer romance.

Sir John Hargrave’s Mischief Maker’s Manual

(Grosset & Dunlap, hardcover, $15.99)

Ages 8-12

This fun little book will help your kids get into all sorts of wonderful trouble!


by Ursula Vernon

(Dial Books, hardcover, $12.99)

Ages 7-10

This is a fun, short book perfect for reluctant readers – a step before the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  Our hero, Danny Dragonbreath, is the only mythical creature in his school of amphibians and reptiles.  Danny is a dragon, but he’s having trouble breathing fire, though his father tells him it will happen “if he applies himself.”  He’s your standard underachieving, head in the clouds fifth grader, who dreams of pirate adventures and samurai frogs.  On a research trip for a paper he’s writing on the Ocean, Danny and his best friend Wendell (an iguana) head out to visit Danny’s cousin Edward, a sea monster.  From there they go on a crazy underwater adventure and live to tell the tale.  Plus, Danny gets an A on his paper!  This book has just the right balance of full text and graphic novel pages to satisfy any concerned parent and excite any kid.


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