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PODCAST: Lips Touch Three Times November 8, 2009

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Lips Touch Three Times

by Laini Taylor

(Arthur A. Levine Books, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 12+

I recently had the pleasure of reading this very unique young adult book. Written by Laini Taylor, this collection has been nominated for the National Book Award. Each of the stories is a darkly mature fairy tale that showcases Taylor’s skillful writing and storytelling prowess. Each story is accompanied by stunning artwork by Jim Di Bartolo.

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PODCAST: The Duchess of Whimsy

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The Duchess of Whimsy

by Randall & Peter de Sève

(Philomel, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 3-6

This fall Randall de Sève, author of Toy Boat has teamed up with her illustrator husband, Peter, to bring us a wonderful new picture book. This delightful story of an odd couple is sure to be a big hit this holiday season.

Meet Randall and Peter de Seve at Oblong Books in Millerton on Saturday, December 5th from 2-4pm. More Info…

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PODCAST: Flash Burnout

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Flash Burnout

by L.K. Madigan

(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 14+

Friendship and relationships are common topics in young adult literature, and rightly so. In Flash Burnout we meet Blake, a fifteen-year-old guy who struggles to balance having a girlfriend and having a friend that’s a girl. An amateur photographer, Blake shows his friend Marissa some of his work for their photography class: a photo of a street person who Marissa recognizes immediately as her meth-abusing mother. Marissa shares some of her family’s history with Blake, which immediately makes their connection stronger to one another. Meanwhile, Blake’s girlfriend, Shannon, starts to take issue with their friendship.

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PODCAST: Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children’s Book

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Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children’s Book

edited by Anita Silvey

(Roaring Brook Press, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 10+

Books are magical things, and most people can name a handful of books from their childhood – books that helped them learn to read or showed them how powerful stories can be. Anita Silvey, former editor of the Horn Book Magazine, has compiled a book full of such stories. Each page spread contains a short essay by a famous person about his or her favorite children’s book, as well as an excerpt and a history of that book. The volume features such important people as Gregory Maguire, Jay Leno, Kathy Bates, Russell Freedman, Dave Eggers, Lois Lowry, and many more.

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