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About Me March 13, 2009

suzannaHi, everyone out there in Internet-land! I’m Suzanna Hermans, and I have pretty much the coolest job on the planet.

It all started when I was very, very small.  You see, I grew up in a creaky, old bookstore.  My dad started Oblong Books & Music in Millerton, NY about ten years before I was born.  By the time I came around, the store was already pretty wonderful, and I got to hang out there every day after preschool.  Now that my parents had a kid on their hands, they realized that there was really nowhere nearby to buy toys and books for children.  So they started Oblong Jr., a chidren’s book and toy store around the corner from the bookstore.  The stores shared a backyard, so they built a super-cool staircase between the two.

I pretty much had full reign of the store from the time I could walk until, well, now.  As I grew up I worked in the store with my dad and learned the ins and outs of running a cash register and shelving books.  It was always something I loved to do.

When I was sixteen, my dad opened a second bookstore in Rhinebeck, NY.  This one was built from scratch, each bookcase custom ordered to fit.  I got to watch and help the whole store come into creation, which was really something to see.

I went off to college to pursue something very different from bookselling: theatre.  But when I realized it wasn’t for me, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I wanted to be a bookseller.  What better job could there be?

Now I manage our Rhinebeck store and buy about half of the adult books and all of the chidren’s books.  I love my job – every day is different, and when you get to be around books and readers all day long, you never get bored.

The Kids’ Book Corner is a collection of my thoughts on kids’ books, along with some reviews, and my podcasts from WHDD FM out of Sharon, CT.  Thanks for reading!



14 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I just wanted to say that your new website is looks terrific and that I think you’re fabulous! I appreciate your efforts at making a great book-site for kids and families ~ Congratulations! ~ P/M

  2. Lucie Collins Says:

    Thanks Suzanna for your new book corner for kids. It helps me keep up with new publications for my grandchildren. It would be helpful if you include age recommendations too.

  3. Ken Lax Says:

    A great book store, especially for kid’s books!
    I stop in regularly for book recommendations and purchases. Your very knowledgeable salesperson in the Kid’s Book Corner always directs me to the best books for my 8 yr. old, 6 yr. old and 2 yr. old Grandkids.
    Ken Lax

  4. Ian N Arnof Says:

    Please put me on the list for email, podcasts and children books.

  5. Hey Suzanna! I am spreading the word about your blog and bookstore. I hope to come visit soon. Glad I got to meet you through Children’s Lit! Have a great summer, Stephanie

  6. Aunt Sue Says:

    Your site is fabulous as are your reviews!! As are you!!

  7. Liz Says:

    I have a great book for you to check out – I’d love to send it to you or an email about it. How can I contact you?

  8. Jean Ernst Says:

    Hi Suzanna,
    Your website is wonderful and lots of fun to read. I would love for you to check out the picture book DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW by Elaine Arsenault and illustrated by Fanny. No, I’m not the author or artist, but I have hand-sold over 130 copies of that title . . .

  9. Larry Rood Says:


    I am enjoying your blog and tweets. You do nice work! Is the photo on your Twitter page from your bookstore? I have completely fallen in love with it.

    So much so, in fact, that I would like to find out how to get permission to use it on a new website. It will be a personal site; I am retiring after 38 years of founding and running a small publishing company (Gryphon House). i have hopes of starting a small consulting practice for authors, small pubs, and non-profits that publish books.


    Larry (@bookchip)

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