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PODCAST: Red Ted and the Lost Things January 5, 2010

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Red Ted and the Lost Things

by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Joel Stewart

(Candlewick, paperback)

Recommended for ages 3-6

Has your child ever lost a favorite stuffed animal? This can be a pretty traumatic experience, but the next time this happens, just come to the bookstore and pick up a copy of Michael Rosen’s picture book Red Ted and the Lost Things. Illustrated by Joel Stewart and published by Candlewick, this is the story of Red Ted, a small bear-like stuffed toy, who gets separated from his girl, Stevie, and winds up in a vast lost and found in a train station. There he befriends another stuffed toy, Crocodile, and they scheme to find a way back to Stevie. They sneak out of the lost and found; out of the train station and into the outside world and meet up with a cat who helps them find their way home. This lovely story can be a comfort to worried kids.

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PODCAST: Weezer Changes the World

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Weezer Changes the World

by David McPhail

(Beach Lane Books, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 2-5

Meet Weezer the dog, star of David McPhail’s new picture book Weezer Changes the World, published by Beach Lane Books. Weezer is just a regular dog, until something happens and suddenly he becomes more than just a dog – a peace ambassador to the world, or something like it.

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PODCAST: Nerds December 8, 2009

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by Michael Buckley

(Abrams, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 8-12

Michael Buckley, author of The Sisters Grimm series, is a favorite at our store. This fall, Michael debuts a brand new series: Nerds. Nerds introduces us to an elite team of 5th grade spies. Together, they make up the National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society, and the government calls on their service frequently, but they meet a new challenge in Dr. Jigsaw, an evil mastermind trying to take over the world.
Michael Buckley will be signing copies of his books at Oblong Books & Music in Rhinebeck on Saturday, January 9th from noon to 2. Visit for more information.

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PODCAST: The Lion & the Mouse

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The Lion & the Mouse

by Jerry Pinkney

(Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 3-6

This exceptional book is The Lion and the Mouse, a wordless re-telling of the classic fable. Illustrator Jerry Pinkney does an exceptional job telling the story visually. Set in the African Serengeti, Pinkney’s illustrations show us a lion that mercifully frees it’s prey, the mouse. Later, when the lion is caught in poacher’s trap, the mouse remembers her debt and chews the ropes to set the lion free.

This book is making lots of best-of lists and was selected as one of the New York Times’ 10 best illustrated books of the year.

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Creature ABC

by Andrew Zuckerman

(Chronicle Books, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 2-5

Andrew Zuckerman’s Creature ABC is quite possibly the most beautiful and visually stunning alphabet book I’ve ever seen.  Over the course of 120 pages, each letter is accompanied by photographs of animals, exquisite, crisp photos that feature the animals against a stark white background.

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PODCAST: The Mitten

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The Mitten

by Jim Aylesworth

(Scholastic Press, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 2-5

For this gift-giving season, beloved author Jim Aylesworth brings us a re-telling of The Mitten, a favorite holiday picture book. With illustrations by Barbara McClintock, Aylesworth’s reimagines the story of a group of animals squeezing inside one tiny lost mitten to stay warm.

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PODCAST: Lips Touch Three Times November 8, 2009

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Lips Touch Three Times

by Laini Taylor

(Arthur A. Levine Books, hardcover)

Recommended for ages 12+

I recently had the pleasure of reading this very unique young adult book. Written by Laini Taylor, this collection has been nominated for the National Book Award. Each of the stories is a darkly mature fairy tale that showcases Taylor’s skillful writing and storytelling prowess. Each story is accompanied by stunning artwork by Jim Di Bartolo.

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